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  • Microsoft 블로그에 Tezos가 언급되었습니다.
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    어제 마이크로소프트 블로그에 아래의 제목으로 글이 게시되었습니다. 

    EverCrypt cryptographic provider offers developers greater security assurances

    EverCrypt는 해커들의 공격(지금까지 알려진 종류의)으로부터 안전함이 입증된 암호화 라이브러리입니다. 이 EverCrypt Cryptographi이 개발자들에게 한 층 나아진 시큐리티를 보증한다고 합니다. 


    이 포스팅에서 테조스가 언급된 내용은 아래와 같습니다. 

    As part of the work we’re doing with Project Everest, we have one verified client written in F*: a Merkle tree library usable for blockchains. Outside of Project Everest, clients include Mozilla Firefox; the WireGuard VPN; the upcoming Zinc crypto library for the Linux kernel; the MirageOS unikernel; and the Tezos blockchain. Parts of EverCrypt have been used for over a year within Microsoft in support of implementing the QUIC protocol. These clients are usually written in C and are not themselves verified; however, because they use a verified cryptographic provider, they’re reducing their attack surface and improving their security and reliability.


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